AUDIO Welcome message from Dr. Pashby and Dr. Donahue (2 min)

Welcome to the Health Gains ONLINE Weight Loss Program. We are so glad that you are here! We acknowledge you for taking the first step--investing in yourself.

The knowledge that you will gain here is designed to help you become healthier. As a result of being healthier in mind, body, and spirit, you will feel better and can engage in behaviors and new thought patterns to help you lose weight sustainably. This is not a quick-fix diet. You've probably tried many of those, and you know that they don't work in the long-term. The evidence-based lifestyle medicine tools that you will learn and practice in this course are designed to fit into your life and to become part of your life for years to come!

Together, your instructors have over 20 years of combined experience working with clients on weight loss and improving chronic conditions. We are passionate about teaching our clients tools and providing them with ongoing support to implement those tools in the real ups and downs of life. And now, in this program, you get access to the tools we have spent decades refining and optimizing.

You can access these materials at any time, from home or on the go. Consider downloading the teachable app where you can sign in to watch the course videos, download the worksheets and more.

Remember, the materials in this course are not meant to serve as medical advice or psychological assessment, diagnosis or treatment. We strongly encourage you to work with your personal health care provider to monitor and care for your physical and mental health.

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